The story of Collin Street – an online clothing store.

online clothing store

I am a 25-year-old girl from Sabah. After graduating from college, I have been working as a marketer in KL alone.

Life is not simple, it brings me joy when I get my salary every end of the month to purchase clothes which I have been planning to buy.

Did you know?

Last September, I went to a branded store to buy clothes.

The sales person looked at me and gazed upon my clothes. I assumed that she was acknowledging me to be served. But it wasn’t the case, “inform me when you’re done”, she said, and slowly walked back to her seat and play with her mobile phone.

This is outrageous.

Did she assume I couldn’t afford the item and was unworthy of it? I am not sure.

All I can say in verdict is that the service that I had experienced was simply too hurtful and most definitely had done some damage to my self-esteem.

Nevertheless, I still went and tried on some clothing, and in the face of the mirror, comforted and psyched myself by, recognising that I was worthy of what was on my body.

I have always thought about it.

With regard to any fashion in the industry, everyone has their own aesthetic standards.

For people who find it difficult to express themselves in words, clothes represent a means of communication of language and also can be expressed as a background story of the individual.

For me, dressing is a form of self-expression. Different styles always reflect the different characteristics of each person.

online clothing store


Small Gifts

So in 2017, I created my own online clothing store.

Each piece of clothing are selected carefully with the mission to enhance the quality of each item.

Every customer who are in loyal contact with my brand shall receive full attention in terms of customer service and will receive a small gift to represent our thanks to you.


Free Express Shipping

I understand that shipping fees may be costly, so I have decided to provide free shipping.

Free shipping is included anywhere in Malaysia.

Regardless of East Malaysia or West Malaysia, as long as it is in Malaysia, it is free of postage.

Because I myself do not enjoy transactions with the so-called HIDDEN CHARGE.


Easy Return Policy

I understand that there can be incidents where customers are not satisfied with their product. I am here to help, that is what good customer service is for, is it not?

Questions you may ask might be the following:

Do the clothes really look good as good as the representation the photos? Is the quality OKAY? Is there a color difference?

Although I may be sacrificing a little due to the cost of obtaining these goods, I would prefer that my customers are happy.

If you receive a package, and it is not up to your satisfaction,

No problem! It can be sent back to us and we will return you with another product of equivalent value.


I am certain now,

Whether it is business or life, it’s simple.

Be loyal to yourself and to your customers.


Be yourself, you can be beautiful.

– This is the story of Collin Street –

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