March 2017

Collin Street is launched in my bedroom!

I started with a 3 pages website, which is roughly 60 styles, with every 2 pieces per style. I was excited, very.

June 2017

Ok, it has been 3 months...

Nope, e-Commerce is harder than I imagine, I din’t hit my KPI. So, I brought in 1 partner in marketing, thou he is fresh as well.

August 2017

We started telling people about Collin Street.

We started writing stories and posted on our Facebook page, it was for fun. But amazingly, it drives traffic, massively. We hit our target! Yay!

September 2017

Our first designer!

I am supposed to put her face here but, she is too shy. Meh. We got a team of 3 now!

December 2017

Celebrate every success! Hokkaido!

We work really hard, and made some money, I think, LOL. So time for a trip together!

March 2018

Happy Birthday Collin Street!

We survive! Phew. One year anniversary!

April 2018

Our factory tours in China

Finally after a year of hard work, our volume is big enough to deal directly with the source. Hooray for better quality control!

June 2018

We have a new office with swimming pool!

Imma happy kid now!